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【 利用規約 】

【terms of service】

In order to ensure that guests using Duet Resort (hereafter referred to as this rental villa) can spend their time safely and comfortably, we have established the following terms of use based on Article 9 of the accommodation agreement.

If you do not follow these rules, we may cancel the accommodation contract.


Usage form of the villa

  1. Please contact us if the number of guests exceeds the capacity.

  2. Guests who are not eligible for accommodation cannot use the facilities. Temporary guests will also be charged the accommodation fee.

  3. If it is found that the number of guests or pets is exceeded, you will be asked to leave immediately and pay a penalty (more than twice the usage fee).

  4. When staying at multiple villas, please refrain from gathering in one villa beyond the capacity for safety and facility reasons.


About our villa

  1. This condominium is entirely non-smoking inside the building. If there are smells or marks from smoking, we may ask you to pay for the house cleaning fee, bedding, and replacement equipment. Please smoke in a place with an ashtray.

  2. If villa facilities, electrical appliances, furniture, goods, etc. are intentionally or accidentally soiled or damaged, you may be required to pay the full amount of the villa accommodation fee for restoration, including repair costs.

  3. ​We may not be able to respond to sudden malfunctions of electrical appliances or equipment depending on the situation.

  4. Except for amenities, the facilities and fixtures of this rental villa are lent to the user only during the period of stay and cannot be taken home. Please do not take it out of the villa.

  5. Please do not move furniture or equipment from one villa to another. It is only rented to one villa.

  6. Bringing in the following items is prohibited.

  • Hazardous materials such as gunpowder, explosives, gasoline, kerosene, chemicals, toxic gases, and volatile oils

  • Perishable items, filthy items, and other items that emit moisture, foul odors, offensive odors, odors, etc.

  • Birds, reptiles and other animals Pets in general (only dogs (small/medium size) and cats are allowed)

  • Please refrain from bringing anything that makes noise, vibrations, or foul odors. ​

  • Other items prohibited by law to possess


About use

  1. Please refrain from behavior that disturbs public morals, acts that disturb public order, loud voices, conversations in a loud voice, etc.

  2. Please do not use it for purposes other than accommodation, such as business activities (exhibitions, etc.) without the permission of the villa manager.

  3. Please refrain from words and actions that cause significant inconvenience to other customers.

  4. Antisocial use is prohibited.

  5. If there is a nuisance in the neighborhood, such as shouting at the villa, the neighboring residents may report it to the police. In that case, the user will be legally responsible.

  6. The facility will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by the user's carelessness or due to non-compliance with this agreement.

  7. The facility will not be held responsible for any damage, theft, or accident to the user's vehicle or items brought by the user.

  8. Management staff may patrol the facility.

  9. Please do not move furniture or items inside or outside the facility significantly. If you move it, put it back in its original position.

  10. Please do not bring outside items (tables, chairs, BBQ utensils, outdoor slippers, etc.) into the room.

  11. Don't walk around the room in toilet slippers.

  12. ​Please note that the contents of this site are subject to change without notice.


Matters to be observed for safety

  1. Please lock the door when you leave the villa during your stay. Be sure to lock the door even when you go to bed. When there is a visitor, please do not open the door carelessly.

  2. Visitors are not allowed to meet in the villa.


Accompanying pets

Click here for details→pet


DUET RESORTは1日1組限定で泊まれる貸別荘です

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