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【 リゾートライフ 】



— Hurdles to owning a villa —

  • It is very difficult to find a property with a good location and convenience. I can't make fun of the transportation costs and time to go to the site.

  • A place with good access and convenience is a fierce battlefield. Even if you are lucky enough to find one, it is surprisingly expensive.

  • In a place like a single detached house, the amount of money you will be surprised just by maintaining the lifeline.



  • Measures against salt damage and cold climates are essential.

  • Problems such as leaving large garden trees and falling snow are likely to occur. Be especially careful in summer and winter.

Alternating current

  • We can't neglect exchanges with local people, such as participating in residents' associations.

  • I can't get used to the customs of the land that I notice for the first time after living.

​ change

  • The desired location also changes according to age and changes in hobbies.

  • Sometimes I want to go to a different place, but I'm tied up in a villa and have no choice.




— Hurdles to owning a villa —








No hassle. A Duet Resort can be used like a hotel or ryokan.

​Everything you need for living is provided, so please spend it like your own villa.

​ BBQ at the sea in summer. Depending on the purpose of use, such as winter sports in winter, we will prepare the best building for our customers from a wide variety of locations and variations.

​Just what you need when you need it. Keeping costs down will make your trip even more enjoyable.

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